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"Thank you so much for sending the synopsis and suggestions for a daily yoga practice. I followed it this morning. It really works for my present level of ability as well as supporting specific areas that need development and improvement. I have loved our private sessions and look forward to more. I appreciate the way you intuit as well as assess what is needed and then your instructions are so clear. The private sessions have also helped me to become much more conscious of correct alignments for each posture based upon my present ability. I also love the spontaneous fun that we have together"!
-Jeanette Coffey

"I had thought about trying yoga for years, but was too intimidated to actually attend a class.  I didn’t think I’d be flexible enough to do it “right”.  Luckily a friend suggested that I try a private lesson with Barb as an introduction.  Barb made me feel comfortable right away.  She is so encouraging and positive, meeting me where I was and helping me gain confidence.  She has helped me understand that it is my practice, and how to become more centered through breath work.  She showed me how to safely do positions in a way that works for me.  She helped me become confident enough to join group classes.  When my husband expressed an interest in trying yoga, we set up a private session for the two of us.  Barbara once again worked her magic, introducing him in a way that was just right for him.  Again, she showed him safe, comfortable ways to practice with his restrictions.  We would both highly recommend Barbara for those considering yoga but who don’t know where to start or are perhaps a little afraid to try it.  She is a wonderful, kind, and highly professional practitioner!"

"I was so happy to get a chance to have sessions with Barb Sherman and would highly recommend her to anyone. I loved the Reiki, crystal healing bowls and yoga. Barb always seemed tuned in to what I needed to heal."
-Patti Richie 

"Barb is talented, wise, heart-centered yoga instructor. I’ve experienced two private yoga sessions with her, one a restorative yoga practice and the other a session focusing on core strength. Barb’s warm smile welcomed me at the door and encouraged me throughout our practice together. She guided me with clarity, insight, and unconditional patience.  I left feeling empowered, calm, and more knowledgable in body, mind and spirit. Barb is a yogic gem!"
~Karen Zittleman, PhD; education author, Reiki Master, and Reflexology practitioner

"I discovered yoga with Barb as my private teacher. I love Barb's private lessons. There is time and space for physical learning as well as spiritual quiet. My core has been strengthened as has my inner counsel. Adaptability and flexibility are bonuses."
-Tess Richardson, L.A.C. (ComeAlive Health )
"A friend gave me a private yoga lesson with Barb as a gift for my last birthday.  Barb does a thorough evaluation and talked with me about the goals for my practice.  I have a special physical need that I need to work around when I do yoga.  Barb helped me to safely and successfully work on asanas that were challenging for me.  Balance poses are especially difficult for me and Barb gave me some tools to address those as well.  Immediately after my private lesson with Barb, she sent me a written overview of what we had done so I could use this at home.  My session was very enjoyable and worthwhile.  I still use what Barb taught me every time I am in yoga class." 
-Mary Ann
"As a Reiki Master Teacher and practitioner, I am very attuned to 'energy'. I have always been attracted to Barb Sherman's energy, expertise and inner light as a yoga teacher. Barb guides her students in a beautiful flow of postures. She incorporates breath work and spirituality.  I have taken her classes for many years and also received individual yoga sessions from her to open up to my fullest 'yoga potential'. It is an outstanding opportunity and gift to any student to work with this remarkable yoga teacher!"  
-Marsha R Drozdoff, LCSW, CRMT

"I had a severe whiplash from a car accident and my neck and upper back was just in a frozen state. After doing a lot of massage therapy and physical therapy I started yoga classes. It has completely changed my quality of life. I plan to continue practicing yoga for the rest of my life."

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